This Has Not Been A Good Week

Honestly, a bad week all around for my little finny friends.  The worst single event was realizing that the intake pipe on my 6g freshwater tank was clogged and that I hadn’t seen the betta in the tank for a couple of hours.  A few solid smacks on the side of the bathroom sink and… yup.  There’s his newly-dead corpse, stuck in the pipe.

This should have been the extent of my association with fish.

This and fresh-made tartar sauce should have been the extent of my association with fish.

The most expensive event was realizing that the light over the 30g was already on, even though the tank was still dark.  Unscrewed the fixture to get to the bulb and one of the ceramic anti-conduction holders on the bulb crumbled to dust between my fingers.  Freakin’ double-ended 150w Metal Halide bulb with less than two weeks’ of use on it… throwing money into the toilet on that one, I swear.  Nope, can’t get my money back on it because it came new with the Sunpod and while the fixture is under warranty, the light is not.  I replaced it with a (hellishly expensive) 15,000k bulb that has even less blue in the spectrum to try and beat the Peyssonnelia into terminal submission, and now the entire tank has a washed-out colorless look to it.

Oh, and the ‘fuge?  Turns out that it was actually rocket science, mainly because I stood as much chance of manning a rocket to Mars as I did to get it to function with the parts it came with.  I knew it needed a pump, that was a given.  I didn’t know it needed additional pipes, hoses, do-dads, doo-hickies, silicon, overflow boxes, and drainage equipment.  I brought a photograph of the ‘fuge into the LFS and walked out with a rudimentary understanding of sump plumbing, a ton of stuff that is designed to put the water in specific places, and the agreement of one of the guys to come over and set it up for me.

A bad, stupid week all around.

~ by KBSpangler on March 26, 2009.

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