I Shill Because I Care

Actually, I shill because I’ve got nothing better to talk about.  Today was supposed to be New Tank Day when the 65g was plumbed and filled, but it’s looking as though that will fall through as I have yet to hear from the gentleman who Knows What He Is Doing.   I’ve got almost a hundred gallons of salt water sitting in boxes in my living room, live rock sitting in a cooler in my kitchen, fifty pounds of sand in bags scattered throughout the house, and two dogs and a boyfriend fleeing before the coming storm.

(As an aside, it also hasn’t stopped raining for the last month, so I figure it’ll be moot anyhow when I grow gills and can cultivate a coral reef in my own freakin’ back yard… )

Bubbles, the Digital Clownfish, in a cheery shade of orange.  I'd call him the "original" digital clownfish but Pixar has lawyers on retainer.

Bubbles, the Digital Clownfish, in a cheery shade of orange. I'd call him the "original" digital clownfish but Pixar has lawyers on retainer.

So to kill time, I’ll mention that I’d like this hobby to be a tax writeoff.  The People Who Work With Money suggest that this is best achieved through providing a minimum of one year’s history of – and I quote – “fish stuff” as a viable source of income, a viable source of advertising, or both.

With that in mind, meet Bubbles!  Bubbles is usually bright green. He normally holds up a little sign to talk.  He’s not a real clownfish in the traditionally live-in-an-anemone way, but he does exist in t-shirt form.  Last summer, Bubbles and his little heart-shaped balloon came with me to conventions on brushed cotton Adult’s sizes and I was a bit shocked by how quickly he sold out… Brown brought the shipment box straight from our home to a convention and I didn’t even get the goods unpacked before I had sold some.

The feedback on the shirt was excellent but buyers kept asking “Why aren’t these available in children’s sizes?”  So I put them on childrens’ sizes and those sold quickly, too.  Clownfish?  They’re rockstars.

Someday soon, I’ll set up a link to a site where people can purchase Bubbles and his little balloon for themselves or for their children.  I’ll also do other tax write-off-y stuff, like … oh God, I don’t even know.  This is not the sort of thing that one does without planning and preparation, because the audits?  The audits cause internal bleeding in the naughty places.  I’m self-employed so while I could make an argument that everything I do is in some way a write-off, it is simply good sense to only write off the parts that are honestly and truly part of your annual earned income or your expenses because the IRS?  Don’t make them angry.

You wouldn’t like them when they are angry.


~ by KBSpangler on April 2, 2009.

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