A Moment for Clownfish

No pictures today, as this is a quick off-the-cuff post.  I’m working on something longer and more detailed that will be posted later this week.  It’s entirely about poo.

The Great Disappearing Slime-atron Fiasco appears to be over, as all seven members are swimming around merrily in a blue-green school.  I don’t know about you but I’m taking this as some small evidence, inconclusive as it may be, that large peppermint shrimp will kill fish.

The baby clownfish have names.  Everybody welcome Hector and Slagathor!  Hector is the dude, of course.  Now, all we need to figure out is if the little white spots on their bodies are ich…

I am now treating Smithers like a dog.  About two weeks ago, he wouldn’t even make the effort to leave his shell when Brown or I walked by, just leaned forward and opened his mouth for food, begging like a baby bird. Yeah, I blame myself for this one.  Well, The Filthspigot once went on a three-day hunger strike when he realized he was no longer being served his usual prime ground chuck mixed with fresh whole-grain rice (and I blame my parents for that one), but that wore off as soon as his hunger got the better of him.  I’m taking the same route with Smithers, who is now gradually relearning that food is something to be sought in the water current, not hand-delivered.

And there’s something off in the 30G.  I can’t put my finger on it yet, but things don’t look as healthy as they normally do.  This is the tank where that one SPS coral started bleaching without any warning, so I’ve been watching it closely and while everything else looks fine, they don’t look great.  Bloody peysonnelia be damned… I’ve lost that war, I’ve decided, so I’m going to put the T5 lights back on today and see if that improves things.

~ by KBSpangler on May 4, 2009.

6 Responses to “A Moment for Clownfish”

  1. Yeah, it does sound a bit like “Light will fix it!” time, especially if they were all used to a broader spectrum.

  2. I’ve been following your aquarium blog with great interest. I migrated over with half of Ursula’s fanbase, but have stayed due to the sheer pleasure of reading a great blog. I’ve gotta say, while I have often thought of setting up a salt tank, I think I will stick with my fresh water babies. I still curse like a sailor about freshie prices, but if I lost a salt water fish, I would probably have a heart attack.

    • Hi! Yeah, saltwater fish losses aren’t fun. There are a few fish I’m like to own but they are over a hundred bucks each. That’s absurd. I think my limit on a fish I really, really want is $50, and that’s only because I can usually get the price down to $30 or so by trading in some coral.

      I did have a flame hawkfish once, which is a pricey critter, but that was a gift from Brown.

      • hehe… I started a 55 with a few baby cichlids, and for about 2 years it was fine, until I wanted to upgrade and add more fish. My little army had grown to the point that adding new fish would’ve cost a fortune, as most of the breeds I wanted were in the 20-30 dollar range for fish in that size. Damn me and my penchant for lovely expensive fish. One day however, I will have that 300 gallon tank from the lfs.

  3. […] back at the beginning of May when I said the 30g seemed a little off and I was changing the lighting from Metal Halides back to T5s?  I’ve been taking pictures of […]

  4. Clownfish are beautiful creatures…just had to share this pic:


    gotta love clownfish..

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