Hector, RIP

One of the clownfish went to that Big Reef in the Sky last night.  Hector got sucked into a circulation powerhead – completely my fault, since I broke the cardinal law of reefkeeping and assumed “Well there’s no way a fish could get in there!” and didn’t take steps to prevent it.  At first, I thought he had vanished in the way of the disappearing Slime-atron, but no.  It was just me being stupid.  Damn it.

I’ve dug around in the spare parts box and Crazy-Glued a piece of mesh over the intake on the pump, so at least this won’t repeat itself.  But damn.

And now I have to go pick up a new baby clownfish as soon as possible, or Slagathor will do that territorial thing where she forgets that she actually loves having a mate and will beat the absolute shit out of any other clownfish introduced to the tank until she’s dominated him.  Fortunately, she might still be too young to have developed her sex, but she was definitely becoming the larger and more aggressive of the pair.  If Slagathor was older and more developed, she might have to be removed from the tank and put in one of the other tanks for a few weeks until she’s forgotten about the 65g, then reintroduced to the big tank at the same time as another, younger clownfish (imagine doing this every time one of your cats ran away for a couple of days).

Clownfish.  Adorable, yes.  Intelligent?  Maybe not so much.

~ by KBSpangler on May 6, 2009.

One Response to “Hector, RIP”

  1. Awwww, poor little Hector. I will freely admit that I have broken into open mouthed sobs due to the death of a fish (it was a suicide and my hormones were out of wack, but STILL!)

    I did not, however, realize that clownfish needed to be kept in groups. This is good knowledge.

    Also, I love reading this blog.

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