I Want A Lemonpeel Angel

Fishie I want but shouldn't have.  *sniff*

Fishie I want but shouldn't add to the tank. *sniff*

A brief post as I’m everywhere today – Showpiece fish are the fish your eye goes to in the tank, no matter what else might be bobbing around them in the school.  The majority of showpiece fish are tangs, butterfly fish, and angels.  The 65g is too small for a tang and most true angels, and buttlefly fish are notoriously non-reef safe.  The Centropyge angelfish are the best choice as they are much smaller than true angels and most can be reef-safe as long as they are well-fed.  Except for the Lemonpeel Angel, which is the one that I want.  Of course.

Stories about the Lemonpeel claim that about fifty percent of them aren’t reef-safe and it’s a gamble to put it in your tank.  There’s been so many horror stories about these fish that I wonder why the owners of the other fifty percent aren’t sticking up for their little fish.  Is it really 50/50 or are reef-safe Lemonpeels merely a myth?

~ by KBSpangler on June 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “I Want A Lemonpeel Angel”

  1. […] and healthy – there was that purple queen two weeks ago, and today I’m adding the lemonpeel angel. For some reason, I want to name him […]

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