The SNAILS! Will They Never End?

The Great Stomatella Purge of Aught-Nine continues unabated, with most of the larger fauna caught and moved to various tanks but the smaller ones… good lord, the smaller ones keep on coming.  I dropped a piece of food into the Teabox and that attracted the bristleworms, crabs, and such, but the stomatella couldn’t care less.  Two or three times a day, I catch a couple dozen of them and do a rough acclimation (no drip, just a turkey baster full of water every half hour) before I dump them into the 30g.

Stomatella, from the stomatella page at Wet Web Media.  This usually knowledgable website fails to inform you that Stomatella are the gremlins of the sea.  Never, ever get them wet?  Good luck with that.

Stomatella, from the stomatella page at Wet Web Media. This usually informative website fails to warn you that Stomatella are the gremlins of the sea. Never, ever get them wet? Good luck with that.

Don’t get me wrong, I love stomatella.  I really do.  They are my favorite of all the snails, hands down.  But there are so many of these darned things I’m reluctant to do what I usually do when I break down a tank, which is  clean out as much of the live rock and livestock as humanly possible, then pour a couple of cups of bleach in the water.  Yes, yes! I know it’s a horrible thing but coralline algae on the glass and the bacteria in the leftover live sand is just as alive as the copepods on rock and it’s cruel to make them suffer by slowly drying out or starving.  And I will take your scorn for my bleeding heart in the form of snarky comments, thank you very much.

Since getting every one of these teeny snails – some no bigger than a pinhead – is impossible, I’m now toying with the idea of transferring the remaining contents of the Teabox to a new frag tank.  One of the good things about reefkeeping for a couple of years is that you can easily set up a decent frag tank from the junk you’ve got lying around.  I’ve got a good spare HQI light, a HOB filter, and tons of pumps and powerheads (now that I think about it, all I’m missing is the tank and a place to put it).  If I didn’t keep SPS and focused on softies and sea mats, I wouldn’t even need a protein skimmer.  Hmmm… if I found a good price on a tall 15g or 20g, I could probably set up a really decent frag tank in less than an hour…

I’ll think about it for a few days.  I’ve been waiting on magnetic frag racks from Captain Salty for … sheesh, going on three weeks now.  When (if?) those come in, I’ll check to see how they perform and decide whether they look okay in the 30g or if I want to set up yet another saltwater tank.  Hmmm… I could get a firefish

Ah yes, aquarium hoarding.  The neighbors won’t complain about the barking or the smell of cat pee, but the cops will look at your power bill and raid your house to try and find the pot.

~ by KBSpangler on July 11, 2009.

4 Responses to “The SNAILS! Will They Never End?”

  1. Ah yes… that’s what my house is turning into and we haven’t even moved in yet. We already have *thinks* 4 tanks 10 gallons and above and at LEAST two mini tanks. I’m doing tropical because I’m poor, but yeah… My house is going to be so crowded.

    I have to agree with the bleach idea, it’s just cruel otherwise.

    By the way, I adore this blog, it makes me so happy to get read about someone else who obsessively loves fish and aquariums. (I found it from your comic, ps)

    • Saltwater isn’t all that much more expensive than Tropical, when you get right down to brass tacks.

      Set up a sump-less 20g with a 65W PC light and 15lbs of LR – Then you have to wait a month or three anyways, so WC’s are your only cost. Then you just go slow, low impact, and everything works out swimmingly.

    • Hehehe

      I’m up to 3 Freshwater tanks, 1 Saltwater and various 1.5-5g tanks that are set up from time to time for various purposes.

      Right now, it’s all about trying to decide if I should set up a 2.5g with a false wall to make an AIO tank, then load it up with softies…..

  2. “Looks guilty”

    I believe I had 9-10 tanks at one time, and I have massive totes of aquarium bits. I have the, “well I might need that later, or that’s a really good deal on that, or hey, they gave it to me for free!”, disease. 2.5 gallons for the bettas, 55’s for my cichlids and tropical tanks, the betta apartment condo for girls. At one point my parents and then my SO, threatened me with a tent in the backyard.

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