For Once, I Don’t Want To Complain About Fish

I do want to complain about everything else, but not the fish.  The fish are doing quite well, in their fishy ways.  And even though I’m so busy I literally couldn’t remember how perform a simple, routine task (installing brushes into Photoshop*), I’m finally ready to stock the 65g with coral.  There’s a small zoanthid in there to test the waters (again, literally).  I’ve been running the MH lights for about 3 hours a day to accustom the fish to bright lights and to make sure the little frag gets light outside of the actinic spectrum.  They’ve only been in there for a little over two weeks, but so far look very stable.

I’ll post something longer and more elaborate over the weekend.  I’m planning to hit the Baltimore Aquarium during Batsh*t Insane-a-kon (more figurative than literal, but if a giant bat flew into Otakon and started crapping like an oscillating sprinkler, I would be annoyed but not surprised).  I’ve heard great things about this place and I’m looking forward to the tour.

* My mind white-noised to a point where Brown had to talk me through where C drive is located on the computer.  Not kidding.

~ by KBSpangler on July 15, 2009.

One Response to “For Once, I Don’t Want To Complain About Fish”

  1. Oh, good luck getting around the Inner Harbor during Otakon. However, that said, the Baltimore Aquarium IS indeed a really fantastic place to visit. Just wish it wasn’t so darned expensive.

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