Last week, leaving the fish store with empty hands was a small personal triumph.  It was my birthday, so I had received a bunch of gift certificates – armed with those and some coupons, I dove in to look for those last few fish for the 65g.



They had a small four-inch purple tang.  Out of all of the fish available for the home aquarium, I want a purple tang more than anything… the problem is that my biggest tank is only sixty-five gallons, which is too small for a tang.  Since the sticker shock on these little critters is usually $150, it’s been pretty easy to talk myself out of one.  But… hm… they had a sale on the tang which dropped the price down to $119, plus a 25% coupon… add the store credit and… oh.  Oh darn.

That little tang would have cost me $17.25.

I left the store without her and went home to find a 30% coupon had arrived in the mail.  I’ve intentionally stayed out of the store over the last weekend because while I try to do right by my pets, even I won’t be able to pass up an eleven-dollar purple tang. I just can’t do it.  And the brutal mercenary part of my personality keeps demanding that I should buy it for $11, enjoy it for a year or two until it outgrows the tank, then trade it in or sell it on Craigslist for a 700% profit.

Fingers crossed that she’s been sold before I need to get RO water this week, folks, because I know me and I’m going to over-rationalize this (purple tangs are slow growers and it will be fine in a 65g for at least three years!  you’ll upgrade to a larger tank before it reaches maturity! you’re moving in a couple of years anyhow so you’ll have to break down the tank and can find it a better home then!) and I will walk out of there with something I want but shouldn’t have.

~ by KBSpangler on August 10, 2009.

9 Responses to “*sigh*”

  1. Oh, honey… I don’t know how you did it. I’m really proud of you though. I have the same problem in pet stores, trying to walk away from a beautiful fish or, even worse, a beautiful fish on sale. Although lately, there have been NO pet stores near me, unless you count WalMart and I really try not to (god, I just want to rescue all the poor little WalMart fish).

    Good luck.

    • Oh those poor little Wal-Mart fish, I know! I won’t even let myself look at them — they each have PLEASE SAVE ME written across their faces.

      • I can’t look at them either without having to forcibly removed… it’s so sad.

  2. The “treat it well and then sell it on Craigslist” idea sounds good to me! But I don’t have pets and so don’t know.

  3. So, I thought you would appreciate this, or at least understand why I did it. I love rays, any kind of ray. They make me squeal like a four year old. I also love plecostomuses (plecostomi?). So when I discovered stingray plecos at my old local pet store, I may have flipped out… when they were still there when I went back for a visit this weekend, I may have bought one.

    Yes, I totally don’t need more fish, but I had the space and he’s so cute! He made the trip to my new place just fine and he’s settling and surprisingly, no one yelled at me for getting more fish.

    So… now you know way too much about a stranger. YAY!

  4. Did that 30% coupon arrive by mail? Ar u too greedy or are you poor?

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