Meet Tank

Tank McNamara!  Not named for the comic character, but rather he moves like a little tank and I knew a guy named McNamara who did a lot of drugs.

Tank McNamara! Not named for the comic character, but rather he moves like a little tank and there was this guy I used to know named McNamara...

The colors, man!  The colors!

I visited my favorite LFS* yesterday and they had a fat Mandarin cruising their live rock.  I sighed and complained to the manager that the mandarin I had on hold at another LFS had been sold.  We chatted for a bit and he asked how much live rock I had.  Including sand, probably 230 pounds, I said, but about a hundred pounds of that was dead rock five months ago.  Well, turns out that if I had 50 pounds of live rock, then a six-month wait was necessary for the tank to mature, but with that much rock and a refugium to boot, I could have introduced a mandarin back in June.

mmmmrgh… better safe than sorry, I suppose.

Little Tank is still in Terrified Hiding Mode but there are flashes of color behind the rocks.  Rumor has it that as soon as he feels comfortable, he’ll be poking around for copepods without a care in the world.  He looks skinny in the photograph but that’s just due to the angle of his body, as he’s got a nice belly on him.

* The only store that’s passed the Moorish Idol test… “Do you carry Moorish Idols?” “No, because they almost always die in a home aquarium.”

~ by KBSpangler on September 6, 2009.

4 Responses to “Meet Tank”

  1. I read up on the M.Idol, but every article seems to conflict with the one before….though most do seem to agree on it being extremely difficult to keep. Do you know anyone who has successfully kept one?

  2. Yay for the new fish!

  3. Congrats on finally getting your mandarin! Man, that fish looks like a swimming acid trip…

  4. Oh he’s beautiful! I’m so glad you finally got your goby. ^_^

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