In A Goofy Mood

I’ve been keeping a little notepad of the search terms used to find the Digital Clownfish. Some of the key words and phrases used to find it are almost zen poetry and speak volumes about the author’s state of mind.  Others linger disturbingly on the brain, like zombies.  Here, have some!

  • will aiptasia eat my clown fish babies?
  • signs that a coral beauty is dying
  • clownfish poem (I had to search for this myself and there are no good poems about clownfish!  This must be resolved immediately.)
  • when going to the toilet for poo foam ca (Sure wish I knew what the rest of that last word was.  “Caca” fits, as does “carbohydrates” but, um, probably not).
  • scene when the gremlins get wet (Someone was sorely disappointed when he clicked in).
  • scrape clown fish off the glass
  • Do I eat my dead fish? (no, honey, no!)
  • can I keep clownfish with goldfish (briefly, perhaps)
  • clownfish fighting with puffer fish (“fighting with” or “fleeing in terror from”?)
  • skimmer explosion
  • coral turning white
  • angelfish sucked in filter
  • where do I get cheap sharks (a question for the ages)
  • snails eating fish inside out (I… yikes)

I’ve got bunches of these.  I’ll post more another day.

~ by KBSpangler on October 1, 2009.

4 Responses to “In A Goofy Mood”

  1. It’s like a randomized list of Things That Can Go Wrong.

  2. Argh, you planted a brain aiptasia on me!

    Second cousin to an ear worm, but much more evil.

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