I Am A Terrible Hypocrite

Or: How I ended up with a yellow tang.

Have you noticed the dead air over here?  I’ve noticed the dead air.  I feel terrible about it and I have all kinds of great excuses, like the last time I had a full day off was the Sunday we spent in the hospital, but excuses are the mark of someone who cannot manage her time.*  And all of the time dedicated to fish management has gone to their care, so no worries there – everyone is in the peak of health.  Except for the Bartlett’s anthias, which jumped to its death over the weekend.  I’m going to ask my fish guy to make me an acrylic baffle with no holes whatsoever except an opening directly under the MH bulbs… this is the third time a fish has leapt and there’s something morally wrong about taking a fish from the ocean to crisp itself on the living room floor.


The Yellow Tang, available for purchase at Addictive Aquatics. Along with other tangs. Much nicer tangs... ones that actually look INTERESTING... what the hell was I thinking?

Speaking of moral outrage, there’s a yellow tang in the 65g.  Dear Tang Police – please flame away.  I have neither justification nor defense – I don’t even like yellow tangs!  They are uninteresting monochromatic background fish that remind me of nothing so much as a terrified horse.  (But!)  While browsing the LFS, I saw a yellow tang in a 10G holding tank with a maroon clown for a tankmate.  The clown was twice its size – this tang is smaller than a silver dollar, barely over an inch long.  Apparently there had been a mistake in shipping and a tang too small to be sold safely had arrived with their order.  The MUST SAVE FRAGILE PRECIOUS BABY CREATURE switch flipped, and the guy at the store assured me that the tang would be fine in a 65g tank.

Nothing I’ve said before about my tank being too small for a tang has been negated and all this does is make me look like a cruel idiot.  True to her essential yellow tangness, the fish never stops swimming unless I come near the tank, and then she hides in the rocks.  But oh good lord so tiny!  I used my hand instead of a net when I moved her from the acclimation bucket to the tank, and she was so small it barely covered half of my palm.

Her name is Bambi.  She is dwarfed by every other fish in the tank, even the juvenile clown.  I’ve told Brown that when she reaches 4″, we will have to move to a different house so I can buy her a larger tank.  And some better-looking tangs to be her friends.

* I’m so very tired.

~ by KBSpangler on November 16, 2009.

3 Responses to “I Am A Terrible Hypocrite”

  1. Sorry your life has been crazy busy and I’m very, very sorry about your jumper. I think that’s one of the worst deaths… it almost always makes me cry when mine have taken that adventurous but unfortunate leap.

    I think little Bambi is very cute though and I don’t fault your “SAVE FRAGILE BABY ANIMAL” because I have that reaction to… just about everything. Good luck with her!

  2. I have considered stealing the dracaena from the coffeeshop because it’s dying and I can fix it. I understand the THIS FISH impulse.

    When you’ve run out of tankspace, can you trade the fish back? Like a weird little foster situation?

    • Sort of, but I’d have to catch her first. She’s much faster than I am so she’s likely in there until she dies or the tank is broken down.

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