A Cunning Fish Prison

Thanks to three jumpers in 6 months, the 65g is now viewed as a prison with serious security flaws.  I really don’t get it; the 30G is an open-topped tank and there has never, ever been a single suicide, while the 65g has walls of acrylic encasing the jump zones and there’s still a loss every other month.

(air quotes) Schematics (/air quotes) for the new baffles.  With kitten, because this stuff is pretty dry.

(air quotes) Schematics (/air quotes) for the new baffles. With kitten, because this is especially boring even for a fish blog.

I called Matt, my fish dude (who now has his own company), and asked for a couple of new acrylic baffles for the 65g.  These leave every single inch of the top covered except for the openings directly under the MH lights (see Image, ignore math failings).  I’m not happy about this since the point of an open-topped tank is to have unobstructed air and light exchange, and this shoves a cork in the process.  There’s still the issue of the big gaping holes directly under the MH lights, too, and since there’s already so much acrylic lining the sides of the tank it’s not beyond imagination that a jumper would still be able to find his way out from the space that’s left.

It’d be nice to have a jumper-free tank.  Some of the wrasses have caught my eye, especially this little guy, and Christmas is a good time to fit into that category of “hard to shop for” and “has an expensive hobby.”  Not to mention that I’m replacing the Bartlett’s as soon as I can – she was friendly and schooled with Slime-atron.

I’m also considering whether the surviving clownfish should be removed from this tank.  Morticia has been mate-free for several months and has doubled in size since purchase.  If a potential mate was introduced, she’d beat the tar and stuffing out of him for quite some time before deciding if he was acceptable.  Then again, young love always hurts and Morticia’s a clownfish.  It’s almost impossible to kick the clownfish habit.

~ by KBSpangler on November 19, 2009.

6 Responses to “A Cunning Fish Prison”

  1. Stupid question from someone who doesn’t intend to keep a tank: Why not screen fabric or hardware cloth?

    • It gets really hot under those lights, up to several hundred degrees. Most nylon screening isn’t designed for heat, and wire screen corrodes with the salt. Eggcrate is the second-best option after acrylic but… woo! Hello tacky!

      • Would it work to put something around the tank, rather than over, and hope that the fish couldn’t hurdle it?

        I know the five-second rule applies here* but the last time I was around a fishtank at all, we didn’t have any vertebrates.

        (*if I can think of it in five seconds, so can whoever I’m bothering)

  2. You can always go with glass too. Although it also can lead to touchy-burning if you contact it by accident.

    • And, sadly, I have a history of breaking the crap out of nice things so it would have to be extra-thick.

  3. Diatryma – They do make closed tops, but I’d probably have to replace the lights to get ones that fit. The lights can get extremely pricey ($600 and up) so I’m trying to keep the ones I have.

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