Tank McNamara, Now In Full Color!


Obligatory apology for being busy.  Every time I think I see the end of it…  anyhow.  Fish!  And fish with pictures!  And pretty fish with pictures!  When Matt installed the acrylic covers, the mandarin goby did a display dance for him. Matt took a few shots with his phone —

The mandarin does his little dance. Note especially the part where he is awesome.

The goby never, ever does a display for me.  He cruises the tank with his fins defluffed and his colors are slightly less vibrant.  It’s rather irritating, but I suppose it’s like cleaning the house before guests come over – there’s no reason you can’t pretend it looks this way all the time as long as they don’t check behind the couch.


~ by KBSpangler on December 2, 2009.

One Response to “Tank McNamara, Now In Full Color!”

  1. He is so gorgeous!

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