Thanks to No1smitty for bringing my nightmares to larger-than-life.There’s a critter that lives in aquariums – its common name is the spaghetti worm, for obvious reasons.  It bores into the rockwork with its butt and lets its long feeders hang in the current and collect food.  I have a couple dozen of them (almost everyone does), and when I clean the tank I suck them out with the siphon.

Something I just learned about spaghetti worms… if you get one on your finger, it will try to bore into your finger.  And this is a fairly painless process for at least a minute or so, because it was working a goodly way inwards and downwards when I finally discovered it.

Then there was screaming.

I’m going to go boil my hand again.  Tah!

~ by KBSpangler on December 7, 2009.

5 Responses to “WARGH!”

  1. Reading this, the same day I found out about giant isopods, leads me to the simple conclusion that the ocean is trying to KILL us.

  2. I agree completely, and since the cut/hole still hurts, I’m worried I’ll turn into a Were-spaghetti-worm and impose the ocean’s wrath upon the land.

    (I’m not, but it still hurts).

  3. Walk it off…

    wimp :p

    The ocean isn’t trying to kill you…. it’s trying to remind you who’s boss 😉

    (FYI- The other name for Bristle Worms is Fire worms… Give you three guesses as to why.)

  4. Oh holy god, how very terrifying. *shudders* I hope you don’t turn into a Wereworm and get better soon.

  5. Yeah, at least I know the focus of tonights nightmare.

    Shudders and thinks about puppies

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