… And An Even Sadder Post

mccosker's flasher wrasse

The uncrispied, de-linted version of the McCosker's Flasher Wrasse

The new wrasse ended up on the floor late Tuesday.  If you count such things in dollars instead of lives, that is now $90 worth of fish that jumped from the tank in one week.  A closed top tank, mind you… argh.  I’m guessing the acrylic top might be contributing to these deaths as a fish that jumps on an angle will hit the plastic and flop around until he either drops back through the hole or off the side of the tank to crisp himself on the carpet.  I tested the water parameters to see if a nitrate spike was enticing them to jump but, no, the little buggers are just suicidal.

I’m thinking that a barrier should be erected instead of enclosing the top; I’m wondering what mechanics would be required to run a three-inch tall acrylic baffle along the four-inch gap between the lights and the tank lid.  It would probably be God-awful tacky but I’m really sick of these deaths.

There has been one note of good news, however.  I was sure that Morty (formerly Morticia) of spousal abuse fame had risen up and slain his mate, as Merlin had gone AWOL over the weekend.  I did a massive water change yesterday just in case it was nitrates, and found Merlin perfectly healthy and stuck in the overflow (the covered overflow, mind…).  I reached in and netted her, and Morty was overjoyed to get her back.  They’ve been inseparable since.

~ by KBSpangler on January 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “… And An Even Sadder Post”

  1. it’s a shame you can’t angel the cover so the fish could flop back into the tank. or have a screen on the little open bit. 😦

    • I’m looking into a screen used by fire departments since it would be heat-resistant enough to withstand the lights. Then again, I bet whatever they made it from isn’t healthy for a reef tank. : (

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