Out, Out, Damned Tang

I have no self control when it comes to the fragile baby creatures.  This was established with Bambi, a fish with no earthly right to be in my tiny 65g tank.  Please note that post was made on November 16th; not even three months later, Bambi has more than doubled in size and there are plans underway to trap him and return him to the store.

The happy warm feeling of At least I saved it! probably won’t last too long.  I came home today with an inch-long purple queen anthias.  With a hole in her side, no less.  Usually I post about new fish a day or so after they have been acclimated successfully, so I don’t have to backpedal in two days with the Tolling of the Fish.   But she was cheap and still at that stage where she was too healthy to die outright, so she’s in the drip bucket.

Ah well.  If she lives, anthias!  If she dies… anthias.  And the crabs get some protein.

~ by KBSpangler on February 12, 2010.

3 Responses to “Out, Out, Damned Tang”

  1. What kind of hole in her side?

    Sometimes divers use a small gauge needle to draw excess gas out of the swim bladder when comming up from deeper collecting dives, this prevents a very nasty “pop”.

    If it’s something like that, it should recover just fine with food, good water params and rest (knocks on wood)

    • Looks like a sore from brushing against a rock. There’s nothing fleshy, just scraped and bruised.

      I haven’t seen her this morning but the cleanup crew wasn’t doing the “No thanks, we already ate” thing when I fed the tank so she might be in hiding. I hope she’s okay.

  2. heh. If it’s just some missing scales I wouldn’t worry. I’ve personally witnessed tangs comming in missing large sections of scales on their shoulders and they always seem to come back just fine and dandy.

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