Tank(s) Update

Pretend I’ve complained for a paragraph or so about moving, stress, general overwork, and how I’ve either thrown out my back or it’s covered in fire and I’m fairly sure it’s the deal about the back as the dog isn’t looking at me in an odd, puzzling manner.  Or no more than usual, anyhow.  So, the tanks!

Spontaneous fish death season (SFDS) was not kind.  SDFD is an phenomenon where some perfectly healthy fish just up and die: the mandarin goby, the lemonpeel angel, and two members of Slime-atron were behaving perfectly normally one minute and were dead the next.  The goby was an especially painful loss, as I was watching him that morning as he cruised around for ‘pods and a few hours later was burying him in the yard.  Also on the loss list is the coral beauty angel, although that wasn’t spontaneous.  We did some work in the house requiring paint, chemicals, and aggressive sanding so I turned off the pumps and covered the tanks for a few hours, and she was dead when the sheets came off.

Photo copyright Aqua Valley Live Goods and Dry Goods

You know you want to tickle it. Cootchie-cootchie awesome.

The only addition to the tank is a juvenile yellow-bellied hippo tang.   Yeah, yeah, I know, a tang in a 65g, please call the Tang Police.  Well, one nice part about moving to a bigger house is the tank upgrade.  There’s a nice space in the main room that would be perfect for a 125g corner tank, so there’s a quest on to find a used AGA or Oceanic with overflow before the deadline to move the last bits of crap out of the old house.  There will be a series of posts soon about how the floor under the tank has been buttressed to compensate for the extra weight and such, and then the joys of setting up a new tank (yay!), catching fish (boooo!  hisssss!), and moving the rock and livestock (dear back, if you stop complaining, I’ll give you cookies).

~ by KBSpangler on July 1, 2010.

6 Responses to “Tank(s) Update”

  1. I so wish I’d known you needed a bigger tank. Someone on craigslist was moving to another country, and had their 150 plus rock and extras for 450 bucks. They couldn’t offload it..sighs

    • Well, crud. Do you live nearby? I’ve been haunting Craigslist for those corner tanks and haven’t seen one show up yet.

  2. I’m about 2 hours north of you….Live in Roanoke, VA.

    If I’d had the cash, I would’ve had a house full of tanks by now. Deals on CL have been wonderful of late.

  3. Wow. I am incredibly sorry about SFDS. It’s never a good moment to watch a perfectly healthy fish decide that he doesn’t like the living world anymore. I doubt it’s a comfort, but it seems that SFDS has been cruel to us all. I sustained quite a few losses as well. Sad face.

  4. Hey, long time lurker…hoping u moved successfully…hoping u get back to updating here.

  5. I did have a salt tank a long time ago with the ex- we had better results when filtration cleaning was done with a diatom filter than with any other method we used.

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