… and +5 Lemonpeel Angel

It’s almost certain that we’ll be moving within the next year (Real Estate Agent: You’re lucky!  There’re literally hundreds of properties like the one you’re looking for on the foreclosure list.  Us: That’s really sad.  Real Estate Agent: Oh… yes.).  So, because I am just not too bright, I keep adding livestock to the 65g.  The Hawkins went in last weekend and is either doing really well or is dissolving faster than I can observe the damage – it came with a minor bleaching spot, which has vanished entirely and the rest is untouched and healthy – there was that purple queen two weeks ago, and today I’m adding the lemonpeel angel.

For some reason, I want to name him Figaro.

I really have no willpower when it comes to the baby fish.  I have a dwarf angel in the 30g and while the coral beauty has been a darling for over two years, I’ve heard nothing but bad things about lemonpeel angels.  Then my favorite fish supplier gets a juvenile in, no longer than my little finger and with the barest hint of blue on the edges of his fins, and it was love at first sight.

(I should probably mention something about this supplier.  I was buying fish from one particular dealer online and from two local stores who ordered from ORA and wild-caught fisheries, as these guys were fish specialists and didn’t sell cyanide-caught reef fish.  Then one of the stores closed and the new supplier came to town – this new supplier is the son of one of the owners of a saltwater fish clearing house in Vietnam and gets his pick of the healthiest net-caught fish straight from their quarantine tanks.  The place raises show-quality freshwater discus, too, if that gives you any idea of the type of fish he offers.   It has been murder on my budget and when we move to a new house I’ve got to get a bigger tank so I can add a school of his lyretail anthias.)

But, sadly, it’s time to break down the 30g.  I have a friend in New York who’s coming down for a wedding this weekend, and she’s talking the Teabox back with her.  I’ll ask her if she wants the low-light livestock and the black clownfish pair, and then start finding homes for the rest.  She moves fairly regularly so we’ll probably be trading the clownfish back and forth until they die of old age.


~ by KBSpangler on February 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “… and +5 Lemonpeel Angel”

  1. Question for you: How is your Lemonpeel Angel doing? I do not have an aquarium right now, but was a fairly successful saltwater aquarist many years ago and always wanted a Lemonpeel. I went to the local fish dealer last week and he said the new ones coming in from Hawaii are fairly hardy and do well in a reef tank. Your thoughts, please. Also, how do I sign up for your blog? Your a gifted writer!

    • I tried lemonpeels twice and had no success. They were so beautiful, but I gave up because I felt they were incompatible with my tanks. As for the blog, this one is semi-dead but I keep an active one over at http://flyingbynight.wordpress.com/ Good luck with the Hawaiian!

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